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While being escorted to the stage by her dresser, and wearing the red shoes, Vicky is suddenly seized by an irresistible impulse and runs out of the theatre. Julian, on the platform of the train station, sees her and runs helplessly towards her. Vicky jumps from a balcony and falls in front of an approaching train. While lying on a stretcher, bloody and battered, Vicky asks Julian to remove the red shoes — just as in the end of The Red Shoes ballet. Shaken by Vicky's death and broken in spirit, Lermontov appears before the audience to announce that, "Miss Page is unable to dance tonight, nor indeed any other night." Nevertheless, the company performs The Red Shoes with a spotlight on the empty space where Vicky would have been. CAST Grisha Ljubov Irina Boronskaya Ivan Boleslaysky Livy Sergei Ratov Dmitri Boris Lermontov Julian Craster Lady Ottoline Neston. Victoria Page Marguerite Jean Louis SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in the world of The Ballet Lermontov, 1921-1922, in London, Paris and Monte Carlo ACT I Scene 1: Covent Garden Opera House—London Scene 2: Covent Garden Opera House—Lermontov's Office Scene 3: Lady Neston's Town House—Mayfair, London Scene 4: Covent Garden Rehearsal Hall Scene 5: Julian's Hotel Room—Paris Scene 6: Paris Opera House—Lermontov's Office Scene 7: Paris Opera flouse—On Stage Scene 8: Paris Opera House—Rehearsal Hall and On Stage Scene 9: Monte Carlo Opera House—Vicky's Dressing Room Scene 10: Lermontov's Villa—Monte Carlo Scene 11: Monte Carlo Opera House—On Stage Scene 12: A Restaurant—Monte Carlo Scene 13: A Promenade—Monte Carlo Scene 14: Monte Carlo Opera House—On Stage ACT II Scene 1: Monte Carlo Opera House—Vicki's Dressing Room Scene 2: Monte Carlo Opera House Scene 3: Monte Carlo Opera House—On Stage/Lermontov's Office/Backstage Scene 4: Vicky's and Julian's Bat—London Scene 5: Monte Carlo Opera House—Lermontov's Office Scene 6: Vicky's and Julian's flat—London / Monte Carlo Opera House/ Lermontov's Office Scene 7: Monte Carlo Opera House—Backstage Scene 8: Monte Carlo Opera House—Vicky's Dressing Room Scene 9: Monte Carlo Opera House—On Stage