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5. Song - Lorimer and Chorus - "When a thoroughbred American like me ... Just like you ... Is inspired to take a journey over sea ... As they do..." 6. Duet - Lionel and Gyp - "There are many ways to win a man, and countless the arts that please; ... And ever since the world began, he's surrendered..." 7. Dance Duet - Zoë and Spiegel - "I still can hear that music so entrancing, when I went bounding out upon the stage, with my skirt a lace umbrella..." 8. Finale Act I - "So come along, ma cherie, come along with me, and we'll drop in at Maxim's or the Café de Paris. A chansonette entrancing..." ACT II - The Baron's Chateau - six months later. 9. Opening Scene and Song - "To the Baron's charming villa we have been invited, and of course we have accepted, only too delighted..." 10. Duet - Zoë and Spiegel - "Let's go upon a honeymoon to Venice, city fair, where all the gondoliers their love songs troll. The poets say no other town..." 11. Song - Lola and Chorus - "I read of the fads of society, of the real smart set; I know of the wide notoriety that the folks there get..." 12. Hammock Song - Lionel and Bridesmaids - "We men know how to treat you, so no girl will refuse us ... Won't you tell us what it is you do..." 13. Waltz Duet - Lola and Dick - "In salons in realms of fashion we no doubt shall meet some day, where there's no such thing as passion..." 14. Trio and Dance - Lorimer, Plant and Gyp - "I've always heard about the fun for anyone with lots of mon', in giddy old Paris, so frolicsome and free! ..." 15. Finale Act II - "For your insult, Monsieur, you shall answer to me ... My dear boy, don't waste time on such fellows as he ... He has lost a rich wife..." ACT III - The Ball of the Four Arts. 16. Opening Ballet and Galop 17. Song - Dick, Alonso and Chorus - "When I left the old home, here in Europe to roam, I declared I would quiet and good be; and I got on the ship..." 18. Students' Glide - Turkey Wing Dance 19. Song - Lola and Men - "Men are necessary evils... Woman, cause of all upheavals... Men are selfish and conceited... Women wed us and we're cheated..." 20. Confetti March CAST •Lola, an artists' model •Dick Lorrimer, the model's artist •Alonzo Lorrimer •Silas Plant •Hon. Lionel Talboys •Daisy Plant •Ludwig Spiegle •Mme. Joyant •M. Duprez •Andre •Gyp •Baron LeBlanc •Maxime DuPont •Wedded to Art •Tita •Celeste •Marie •Rosalie •Denise •Elane •Louise •Flane •Six English Rosebuds; Members of the Art School SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in Paris. Act 1: The Art School of M. Julian Duprez. Act 2: The Baron's Chateau. Six months later. Act 3: The Ball of the Four Arts.