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THE RED ROSE A Musical Comedy in 3 Acts. Book and lyrics by Harry B. Smith and Robert B. Smith. Music by Robert Hood Bowers. Globe Theatre, New York - 22th June - 26th August, 1911 (76 perfs) SYNOPSIS Dick Lorrimer, an art student, loves Lola, a girl he believes to be the concierge's daughter, but who in reality is Baron le Blanc's lot child. Dick's family is pleased when he and Lola have an argument, for the family wants Dick to marry Daisy Plant. However, Daisy has eyes only for an Englishman. Dick and Lola are reconciled and marry just in time to thwart the Baron's plan to wed Lola to one M. Du Pont. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act 1 • Opening Chorus - André, Students • Come Along, Ma Cherie (Duet) - Lola, Dick • Spanish Love (Song) - Lola, Chorus • (In) the Land of the Free (Song) - Alonzo, Chorus • If You Can't Sing, Dance (Duet) - Lionel, Gyp • The Old Ballet Days (Duet) - Ludwig, Mme Joyant • Finale Act 1 Act 2 • Opening Chorus • Wedding Bells (Duet) - André, Gyp • Don't Mention My Name (Song) - Alonzo • I'd Like to Go on a Honeymoon with You (Duet) - Ludwig, Mme Joyant • The Queen of Vanity Fair (Song) - Lola, Chorus • Hammock Song (Then You Swing, Swing, Swing) - Lionel, Bridesmaids • Love and Beauty (Waltz Duet) - Lola, Dick • Buy, Buy, Baby (Trio) - Alonzo, Gyp, Silas • Finale Act 2 Act 3 • The Dance of the Seven Saturnalias (Opening) - Lola, 6 English Rosebuds • Rum-ti-tiddle - Alonzo • Yo-Ho! Yo-Ho! - André • (You Can) Go As Far as You Like with Me - Alonzo, Dick, Chorus • Students' Glide (Turkey Wing March) - Lola, Chorus • The Brass Band (Quartette) - Mme Joyant, Ludwig, Gyp, André • Russian Dance Classique - Daisy • Men! Men! Men! (Song) - Lola, Men MUSICAL NUMBERS (with first lines) from vocal score ACT I - The Art School of M. Julian Duprez in Paris. 1. Opening Scene - "La, la, la..." etc. (whistles) "Sh! Taisez! ... Oh, Andrè! Please be quiet! Do stop that row! Be still! We cannot draw a thing..." 2. Duet - Lola, Dick and Chorus - "In Bohemia's kingdom, three rulers belong. We acknowledge them all, boys - wine, women and song..." 3. Posing Scene - Lola and Chorus - "Lola, Lola, you must come and pose for us. You're the model we like best; you are diff 'rent from the rest..." 4. Spanish Song - Lola - "Fair land full of old romances where all the nights are gay with dance and song; dark eyes that with ardent glances reveal the love..."