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THE RAILWAY CHILDREN A musical play by Peter Quartermain. Based on the book by E. Nesbit Music by John Puddick, Lyrics by Iris Grover SYNOPSIS The classic story of mystery and adventure comes vividly to life in this stage adaptation of E. Nesbit's novel. When their father disappears, Roberta, Peter and Phyllis move from London with their mother to a north country village. The railway line near the cottage, The Three Chimneys, where they live provides them with new friends and unexpected dangers whilst ultimately reuniting them with their father. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act I Scene 1: The Nursery Scene 2: The Station Scene 3: The Three Chimneys Scene 4: The Station Yard Scene 5: The Three Chimneys Scene 6: The Station Act II Scene 1: The Three Chimneys Scene 2: The Station Scene 3: Perks' Cottage Scene 4: The Paper Chase Scene 5: In the Tunnel Scene 6: The Three Chimneys Scene 7: The Station MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Prelude 2. Peter's Special Railway Train - Grace & Children 3. Where Are You Going? - Bobbie & off-stage chorus 4. Station Porters - Perks, Horace & Ted 5. Trav'lling On Trains - Travellers, Perks, Horace & Ted 6. Chatter, Chatter - Mrs. Viney, Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis 7. Our Old Gentleman - Bobbie with Peter & Phyllis 8. Saturday Night in the Gallery - Perks, Horace, Ted, Mrs Viney & Company 9. The Arrival of the Six-Thirty - Company 10. When Shall I See You - Grace 11. The Railway Children - Mrs Viney & Company 12. The Paper Chase - The Hare and Hounds 13. The First One - Bobbie and Jim 14. Wonderful Things Can Happen - Bobbie & Company CAST - (in order of appearance) • Roberta Waterbury • Phyllis Waterbury • Peter Waterbury • Grace Waterbury (Their Mother) • Charles Waterbury (their Father) • Ruth (their maid) • Mr Gills (Station Master) • Mr Perks (Head Porter) • Horace (a porter) • Ted (the ticket collector) • Mrs Viney • Doctor Forrest • Igor Szezepansky • The Old Gentleman • Nell (Mr Perks' wife) • Jim (one of the hounds) plus chorus of villagers and travellers