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Romance is also on the mind of Avram, who has become the choice of Rachel, a widow with strong opinions and an empty apartment. Bella still has her hopes set on Ben who, with David's help, is becoming successful with a gimmick to sell gramophones. Then tragedy strikes: Bella is killed in a sweatshop fire. Rebecca is devastated ... and radicalised. She leads a strike against sweatshop conditions. And she defies Nathan, who fears his wife's radicalism will endanger his political career. Nathan leaves her, and Rebecca remains with Saul and the strikers. They have endured hardship, heartbreak, wrenching change, and the fairest of them has perished, but in the end Rebecca, David, Avram, and Ben have begun to make a new life in their new world ... as another boatload of immigrants arrives. (Stephen Schwartz) MUSICAL NUMBERS • OVERTURE - Orchestra • I REMEMBER/GREENHORNS - Homesick Immigrant, Guards, New Immigrants, Cynical Americans, Rebecca & Recruiter • BRAND NEWWORLD - Rebecca & David • CHILDREN OF THE WIND - Rebecca • PENNY A TUNE - Klezmer Musicians, Rachel, Sweatshop Workers, Rebecca, Rosa, Bella, Ben & David • EASY FOR YOU - Rebecca, Saul & David • HARD TO BE A PRINCE - David, Yiddish Theatre Hamlet & Other Actors • BLAME IT ON THE SUMMER NIGHT - Rebecca • FOR MY MARY - Ben & Irish Tenor • RAGS - Avram & Bella • WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT? - "Big Tim" Sullivan, Frankie, Nathan & Mike • NOTHING WILL HURT US AGAIN - Rebecca, David & Nathan • ENTR'ACTE - Orchestra • CHERRY STREET CAFE - Sophie Tucker • YANKEE BOY - Nathan, David & Neighbours • UPTOWN - Nathan & Rebecca • WANTING - Rebecca & Saul • THREE SUNNY ROOMS - Rachel & Avram • THE SOUND OF LOVE - David, Ben, Morris's Mother, Morris & Shoppers • KADDISH - David, Rebecca, Avram & Men • BREAD AND FREEDOM/ DANCING WITH THE FOOLS - Rosa, Rebecca, Strikers & Nathan • FINALE - David, Rebecca, Cynical Americans & New Immigrants CAST: - 9 men, 8 women, 1 boy, chorus • Rebecca Hershkowitz • David - her ten year old son • Nathan Hershkowitz (Harris) - her husband • Saul - a radical union organiser • Bella Cohen - a 17 year old immigrant, Rebecca's friend • Avram - Bella's father • Ben Levitowitz - a young immigrant in love with Bella • Rachel - a plump widow with her eye on Avram • Rosa - a co-worker in Rebecca's sweatshop • Tammany Politicians: "Big Tim" Sullivan, Frankie and Mike • Sophie Tucker • Morris • Morris's mother Immigrants, Cynical Americans, Ellis Island Guards, Klezmer musicians, Yiddish Theatre Actors; Workers, Neighbours, Shoppers & Strikers