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RUSH A Musical in 2 Acts, 19 scenes. Book and lyrics by David John. Music by Kevin Lynch BACKGROUND Established in 1862, Arrowtown is set by the Arrow River, 20km from Queenstown. Being recognised as one of the richest sources of allucial gold in the world, William Fox, a sailor, was the first to claim the discovery of gold in the icy cold Arrow River. Because of this, the town was originally called Fox's Rushes. However, the original site of the town was moved to its present site further from the river, and rebuilt there due to a raging flood in 1863 that wiped out the original settlement. A lot of the goldminers in Arrowtown were nomadic and lived in tents, but just months after the inrush of goldminers, hotels, saloons, churches and cottages of stone and timber were built, forming a town. Trees were also planted; the main avenue was planted out with sycamores and oaks in 1867 and is still there today. Arrowtown celebrates its diversity of exotic deciduous trees with the annual Autumn Festival held in mid April, when the trees are at their most spectacular. In the present day, Arrowtown is probably the most well-preserved goldmining town in Otago. Its buildings are protected and many have been lovingly restored so that you feel as if you have walked back in time. STORY This powerful musical tells the moving story of immigrant gold-diggers and their quest for instant fortune. Duncan and Sarah Mackenzie have just arrived in the 'new country', when Jackie O'Fea brings news of the gold strikes. Leaving his family for the diggings with a promise to return, Duncan seizes his chance for freedom from the slavery of his 19th century working class life. He is joined by his friends, Nathan and Millie Hall. who along with O'Fea and his nephews, the Lomax brothers, head off to seek their fortune. At the diggings tragedy strikes! Nathan is drowned in a massive flood on the Arrow River leaving Millie a widow. She is cared for by the other members of the camp, but particularly by Joe Lawson, who cuts her wood for the coming winter. But Millie's winter comes early when she is raped by O'Fea with only the Lomax brothers as witnesses. Duncan is arrested for a crime he did not commit leaving Sarah to reflect on her past life and will she be left to bring up her children alone and single handed? MUSICAL NUMBERS • Let Me Take You Back - Prospector • Arrival In the New World. A New Day Dawns - Chorus • A Fair Day's Work - Chorus • Gold At Your Fingers - O'Fea & Men • Duncan & Sarah - Duncan & Sarah • Bright & Shiny Gold - Company • Cry Your Tears - Sarah & Children • The Ballad of Millie Hall - Prospector • The Bar — Look But Don't Touch - Meg, Barmaids & Men • Broken Wings - Millie • In a Perfect World - Sarah • Transition - Orchestra • That's What Friends Are For - Dan Nolan & Lomax Brothers • Run Duncan Run - Duncan & Company