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• Entrance of General Hardtack, and Song - "He's here at hand, the leader of our band; how grand his haughty bearing..." • Song - Fleeceum and Blutch, with chorus - "A youth fell in love with a maid very coy; from the start he proposed matrimony..." • Song - Dorothy and Chorus - "When you take your dainty, dimpled little darling a-strolling on the seashore for the air..." • Finale Act I - "There's something in the air. Your jockey isn't there, and I for one believe there's danger lurking..." • Scene - Princess, Lord Chancellor and Chorus - "Youth of the East land, for thee I'm sighing. Oh, to embrace thee when no eye is spying..." • Song - Dave and Chorus - "There's a dainty little maiden, and she's cute as she can be; lives in a town of small renown..." • Quintet - Josie May, Wheeler, Fleeceum, Garland and Blutch - "Come, listen to my sage remarks of Cupid and his bow, Is it love? ..." • Song - Dorothy - "Love is an ailment no tonic can cure, the ill Cupid sends us we all must endure..." • Duo - Bob Gray and Princess - "Oh, my heart's true mate, won't you fly with me? For I would be your Romeo and you my Juliet..." • Dixieland Song - Josie May - "When I gaze at night, up to the twinkling stars shining bright, then a vision divine comes to me..." • Widows' Song - "Six lovely love-sick widows we, lovely as widows six can be. Oh, for a man to cheer us; Oh, just to have him near us..." • Song - Blutch and Widows - "When on Sunday night, as the fair moonlight radiates Love's arrow in its flight, and your charmer fair heaves a sigh..." • Finale Act II - Bob Gray, Princess and Chorus - "There is a land across the sea, land I love, ruled by the hand of liberty..."