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THE RUNAWAYS A musical comedy in 2 acts. Book and lyrics by Addison Burkhardt, Music by Raymond Hubball Casino Theatre, New York - 11 May, 1903, closed 17 October, 1903 (167 perfs) SYNOPSIS The dyspeptic General Hardtack wins a jackpot amount on a horse called The Runaway. With his winnings he transports all his friends and acquaintances to the Island of Table d'Hôte somewhere in the South Pacific. There he is promptly made king only to discover that he must marry his predecessor's widow - or die!. The American Navy however, comes to the rescue and all ends as it should in musical comedy. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: The Club House and race track at Saratoga Act 2: (Salad Glen in) the Isle of Table d'Hote CAST • Gen. Hardtack, U.S.A. • Dave (his Son, a tout) • Bob Gray • Fleeceum (A Patent Medicine Fakir) • Blutch (his Confederate) • Beef (Lord High Chancellor, Isle of Table D'Hote) • Josie May (a Prima Donna) • Dorothy Maynard (The General's Ward) • Princess Angel Cake • Beatrice Wheeler, Mary Ann Garland (Two Society Reporters) MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Overture • Opening Chorus - "With our captivating graces we are flocking to the races, and our costumes quite expensive to the public we'll display..." • Trio - Wheeler, Garland and Bob Gray - "Quite often I've pondered of things I would be, if I were a bright little star..." • Song - Josie May and Chorus - "One object in life we think sweet, and one we find hardest to stem, is to mingle among the elite..." • Duet - Josie May and Bob Gray - "Tell me, sir, I pray, will you tell me, you who are so wise and know it all, an animated information bureau..." • Song - Wheeler, Garland, Fleeceum and Blutch - "A demure country maiden felt dissatisfied, as demure country maids should feel..." • Song - Dave - "Well, I'm just a plain tout, and I'm not heard about, but I'm there you can bet with the heart..."