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Lazar's Heroes - Lazar Find Me a Hero - Lazar, Company Scrynatchkielooaw - Nikki The Undiscovered Son - Eric, Piano, toy-drum and bass I Went Back Home - Iggy, Jane This Is What I Do When I'm Angry - A.J., Nikki The Basketball Song - Ez, Company Dance - Luis, Mex-Mongo Spoons - Manny Lullaby for Luis - Lidia, Luis, Company We Are Not Strangers - Eric, Company ACT 2 In the Sleeping Line - Company Lullaby from Baby to Baby - Melinda, Hubbell Tra Gog Vo In Dein Whole (I Will Not Tell a Soul) - Lazar, Hubbell Revenge Song - Company. Enterprise - Deidre, Nikki, Mex-Mongo, Company Sometimes - Roby, Lazar Clothes - Iggy Mr. Graffiti - Mex-Mongo The Untrue Pigeon - Nikki Senoras de la Noche - Lidia, Manny, Nikki We Have to Die? - Deidre Where Are Those People Who Did 'Hair'? - Lazar, Deidre, Company Appendectomy II - Jackie, Melinda Let Me Be a Kid - Company To the Dead of Family Wars - Deidre Problem After Problem - Hubbell, Interpreter Lonesome of the Road - Luis, Sundar, Company DISCOGRAPHY Original Broadway Cast Recording - DRG 19047