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It's intended to say that every generation has to hate the generation that comes before in order to define itself. It also brings out one horror of this decade, which is that the media are giving murderers a lot of publicity. In the workshops I found that this freaked out a lot of kids. If there's anyone that this song hates, it's not the people who did Hair, it's the media. When some parents see the show, they sit there, they sweat, and they say, "Don't accuse us. It's not fair." So "To The Dead Of Family Wars" is a very important piece because it's the one moment where we say it's not your fault. It's not anybody's fault. It goes back to Adam & Eve. It offers forgiveness so that people can understand, so that maybe somewhere we can stop creating a world of runaways. I wrote the last song, "Lonesome Of The Road," for the kids. It's a conventional pop tune which speaks in a very simple way, in their song language, of the difference between being alone and being lonely. We spent a lot of time talking about that and how, if you have to be alone, there's a good way to use it. It's their favourite song and you can tell they love singing it. It's a song of hope, a song of strength and, like all of Runaways, a song of life." CAST - (in order of appearance): Hubbell: Bruce Hlibok. Interpreter for Hubbell: Lorie Robinson. A.J.: Carlo Imperato. Jackie: Rachael Kelly. Luis: Ray Contreras. Nikki Kay Kane: Nan-Lynn Nelson. Lidia: Jossie deGuzman. Manny: Randy Ruiz. Eddie: Jon Matthews. Sundar: Bernie Allison. Roby: Venustra K. Robinson. Lazar: David Schechter. Eric: Evan H. Miranda. Iggy: Jonathan Feig. Jane: Kate Schellenbach. Ez: Leonard D. Brown. Mex-Mongo: Mark Anthony Butler. Melinda: Trini Alvarado. Deidre: Karen Evans. Mocha: Sheila Gibbs. Chorus: Paula Anderson, Kenya Brome, Jerome Dekie, Karin Dekie, Lisa Dekie, John Gallogly, Timmy Michaels, Toby Parker. Musicians: Piano and Toy Drum: Judith Flesiher. String Bass: J. Schimmel. Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Bells Siren and Others: Lepoldo F. Fleming. Trap Set, Triangle, Glass and Ratchet: David Sawyer. Saxophones and Flutes: Patience Higgins. Guitar: Elizabeth Swados. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 You Don't Understand - Hubbell, Interpreter I Had to Go - A.J., Parent/Kid Dance - Company Appendectomy - Jackie Where Do People Go - Company Footstep - Nikki, Lidia, Manny Once Upon a Time - Lidia, Company Current Events - Eddie Every Now and Then - A.J., Sundar, Company Out on the Street - Hubbell, Interpreter Minnesota Strip - Roby Song of a Child Prostitute - Jackie, Lidia, Manny, Luis Christmas Puppies - Nikki