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4. If somebody there chanced to be (Rose) 5. I know a youth who loves a little maid (Rose, Robin) 6. From the briny sea (Bridesmaids) 7. I shipped, d'ye see, in a Revenue sloop (Richard) 8. My boy, you may take it from me (Robin) 9. The battle's roar is over (Richard, Rose) 10. In sailing o'er life's ocean wide (Rose, Richard, Robin) 11. Cheerily carols the lark (Margaret) 12. To a garden full of posies (Margaret) 13. Welcome gentry for your entry (Chorus) 14. Oh, why am I moody and sad? (Sir Despard, Chorus) 15. You understand? (Richard, Sir Despard) 16. Hail the bride of seventeen summers (Chorus) 17. When the buds are blossoming (Rose, Hannah, Richard, Adam, Chorus) 18. Hold, bride and bridegroom (Sir Despard, Rose, Robin, Zorah, Richard, Margaret, Chorus) 19. Oh, happy the lily (All) 20. I once was as meek as a new-born lamb (Robin, Adam) 21. Happily coupled are we (Richard, Rose) 22. In bygone days I had thy love (Rose, Robin, Richard, Bridesmaids) 23. Painted emblems of a race (Ancestors, Roderic, Robin) 24. When the night wind howls (Roderic, Ancestors) 25. He yields! He yields (Ancestors, Robin) 26. I once was a very abandoned person (Sir Despard, Margaret) 27. My eyes are fully open (Robin, Margaret, Sir Despard) 28. There grew a little flower (Hannah, Roderic) 29. Oh, happy the lily (All) INSTRUMENTATION - (Total number of books = 21) 3 Violins I, 3 Violins II, 2 Violas, 2 Cellos, 1 Double Bass, 1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Clarinet, 1 Horn, 1 Trumpet, 1 Trombone, 1 Timpani, 1 Percussion, 1 Piano (optional - annotated vocal score), 1 Full score DISCOGRAPHY: Ruddigore - Complete Recording - New Sadlers Wells Opera with Marilyn Hill Smith - TER CDTER2 1128