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THE ROYAL CHEF or The Mythical Isle of Oolong A Musical Extravaganza (Comic Opera) in 3 Acts. Book by George E. Stoddard. Music by Ben M. Jerome. Lyrics by Charles S. Taylor. Lyric Theatre, New York - 1st - 17th September, 1904 (17 perfs) SYNOPSIS Heinrich Lempauser, a Chicago alderman on a Cook's tour, is not quite voluntarily enlisted as the dead chef 's replacement by the obstinate Rajah, who refuses to accept that a Cook's tour is not a Chef 's tour. The navy lands to effect a rescue and Lt. Harry Parker falls in love with the Rajah's daughter. They override a revolution, and a happy ending ensues. (from American Musical Theatre - A Chronicle Third edition - Gerald Bordman) MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Opening Chorus - As Befits My Rank and Station - Lord Mito 2. The Tale of the Tailless Frog - Princess Teto 3. When Old Glory Floats from Everywhere - Harry 4. It's a Way They Have in Chicago - Heinrich 5. Hail the Rajah (Rajah Bold Am I) - Rajah, Ensemble 6. Would You If You Were I? (Trio) - Princess Teto, Kitty, Heinrich 7. Let Me Go Back - Heinrich Finale 8. O, Glorious Sun (Opening Chorus) - Ensemble 9. What Color Eyes Do You Love Best? (Duet) - Princess Teto, Harry 10. O'Reilly - Kitty 11. An Admirable Admiral - Admiral Noble, Mabel 12. Old Mother Goose- Mabel 13. Away to the Mountains - Company Finale 14. We Are a Band of Gentlemen - Lord Mito, Bandits 15. In the Morning - Heinrich 16. What's the Matter with My Man in the Moon? - Princess Teto 17. Napenee - Kitty, Harry 18. Finale Interpolated Numbers • The Maiden and the Kissing Bug - Kitty, Lord Mito • All Through Through the Love of You (Music by Chester Searles. Lyrics by P. C. Mason.) - Nena CAST: Heinrich Lempauser, from Chicago The Rajah of Oolong: Lord Mito Badso Lieutenant Harry Parkes Admiral Noble Midshipmen Princess Teto, the Rajah's daughter Kitty O'Reilly Mabel Noble, the Admiral's Daughter Triko, Salamo, Kamo, Tomo, Mohat, Kavat, Mariat, Bomat - Court Beauties Court Pages, Soldiers and Sailors. SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place on the mythical Isle of Oolong. • Act 1: Exterior of Rajah's Palace. • Act 2: Interior of Rajah's Palace. • Act 3: Rendezvous of the Oolong bands, Kibul Mountans.