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offers different conditions for the loan: he will provide the money if Herries will see to it that German and Austria lift their restrictions on Jews. When Hannah realises that the loan does not depend upon her acceptance of Nathan's proposal, but on his insistence on civil rights for his people, she is won over. Back at the Rothschild home, Mayer, satisfied that Prince Metternich will honour his pledge to lift restrictions on the Jews after receiving the loan. He now truly believes that he will live to see the ghetto walls come down. It is 1818, the war has ended and a peace treaty will be signed at Aix-la-Chappelle. In the presence of Mayer and his sons, Prince Metternich however, decides not to keep to his half of the bargain - the Jews will not, after all, receive their declaration of civil rights after all. Back home, Mayer, now ailing, makes a will leaving one brother to another and their mother to all of her sons. After the death of Mayer, the sons hatch a scheme to get what had been promised. They decide to risk everything by selling bonds at a lower price that those of Metternich's peace bonds, thus forcing Metternich to come to terms with his side of the original bargain. Metternich comes to Frankfurt and has no choice but to concede. He agrees to sign the declaration of rights but the sons now want more. Metternich has to agree that all State bonds shall be handled by the House of Rothschild and that the brothers shall each be made a baron. Mayer Rothschild's greatest dream has come to fruition - the walls of the ghetto have been torn down. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Prologue 2. Pleasure and Privilege - Prince William, Ensemble 3. One Room - Mayer Rothschild, Gutele (Mama) Rothschild 4. He Tossed a Coin - Mayer, Vendors, Ensemble 5. Sons - Mayer, Gutele (Mama) Rothschild, Young Amshel, Young Solomon, Young Nathan, Young Jacob 6. Everything - Nathan Rothschild, Gutele (Mama) Rothschild, Solomon Rothschild, Kalman Rothschild, Amshel Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild 7. Rothschild and Sons - Mayer, Nathan, Solomon, Kalman, Amshel, Jacob 8. Allons - Prince William, Male Ensemble 9. Rothschild and Sons (reprise) - Mayer, Nathan, Solomon, Kalman, Amshel, Jacob 10. Sons (reprise) - Gutele, Mayer 11. Hymn: Give England Strength - Prince William, Male Ensemble 12. This Amazing London Town - Nathan 13. They Say - General, Male Ensemble 14. I'm in Love! I'm in Love! - Nathan 15. I'm in Love! I'm in Love! (reprise) - Hannah Cohen 16. In My Own Lifetime - Mayer 17. Have You Ever Seen a Prettier Little Congress? - Prince William 18. Stability - Prince William, Ensemble 19. Bonds - Nathan, Solomon, Kalman, Amshel, Jacob, Prince William, Ensemble 20. (The Will—Finale) - Mayer SCENES AND SETTINGS: - The action takes place throughout Europe between 1772 and 1818. Prologue: Hesse, 1772. Act 1 Scene 1: The Gate of the Frankfort Ghetto, 1772. Scene 2: The Rothschild Shop, Frankfort Ghetto, 1772. Scene 3: The Frankfort Fair, 1773. Scene 4: The Study of Prince William of Hesse, 1773.