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MUSICAL NUMBERS Rooms Steps 1 The Music Bring the Future Faster Steps 2 Friday Night Dress Pacing in a Room Scottish Jewish Princess I Love You for All Time Let's Go to London All I Want is Everything Let's Leave London NYC Forever! The Diabolical Little Bit of Love Fear of Flying Happiness Clean Rooms 2 Steps 3 My Choice New Song for Scotland Rooms Finale Rooms Bows CAST MONICA: Early 20's. Monica is a force of nature. Her passion draws people towards her whims. She is not savvy, sophisticated or street-smart, but she is driven. Her boundless energy makes her fluid and quick in movement, not earthbound. She is very attractive but not necessarily beautiful, and neither too thin nor overweight. She has a true talent for singing and a way with words; whatever she lacks in talent, she makesup for in personality. She is an entertainer. She dresses with fun and flair. Her favorite performers are Bette Midler, Anthony Newley, Elton John, and of course, Batbra Streisand. IAN: Early 20's. Ian's outwardly confident and physically loose demeanor and swagger mask many insecurities. He may be cocky, sarcastic and cynical on the surface, but inside he is extremely vulnerable and frightened. Handsome, precocious, talented, witty, charming, he is also edgy, dark, troubled and brooding. He is serious about his music. He dresses daily in trademark black jeans. His favorite performers are Springsteen, Dylan, McCartney, and of course, Lennon. Orchestration Guitar 1 Guitar 2 Drums Keyboard Bass DISCOGRAPHY Rooms: A Rock Romance [Original Cast Recording] [With Booklet]