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Romeo and Juliet spend their wedding night together and Romeo makes his escape to Mantua (Le chant de l’alouette). Shortly after her husband has left, Juliet is informed by her parents that she is to be married to Paris. She refuses and they threaten to disown her (Demain). Upset, Lord Capulet sings about the love he has for his daughter (Avoir une fille). In her room, Juliet asks why she has to obey (Pourquoi). In Mantua, Romeo thinks of Juliet. In desperation, she turns to Friar Lawrence, who devises an ingenious plan, which he hopes will ultimately bring a happy ending for both the lovers and their two families (Sans elle). Juliet appears to go along with the marriage plans but, in the night before the wedding, she takes the drug prepared by Friar Lawrence which makes her appear dead (Le poison). Juliet is duly laid in the family vault, hoping to wake up to find Romeo waiting for her. Unfortunately, The Friar’s message telling Romeo of the plan somehow goes astray, and instead he hears only from Benvolio that his wife Juliet is dead (Comment lui dire). Grief-stricken, he breaks into the Capulet vault, finds what he believes to be the mortal remains of his beloved, and takes poison to be reunited with her in death (Mort de Roméo). Soon afterwards, Juliet awakes to find her husband dead and she stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger (La mort de Juliette). Friar Lawrence enters the vault and finds the two lovers dead. He complains to God (J’sais plus). When the whole story is told, the two devastated families agree henceforward to live in peace (Coupables). MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I Ouverture – Gérard Presgurvic Vérone – Le Prince de Vérone La Haine – Lady Capulet & Lady Montaigu Un Jour – Roméo & Juliette La Demande en mariage – Pâris & Comte Capulet Tu dois te marier – Lady Capulet & La Nurse Les Rois du monde – Roméo, Benvolio & Mercutio J’ai peur – Roméo La Folie –Roméo, Benvolio & Mercutio Le Bal (Instrumental) L’Amour heureux – Roméo & Juliette Le Bal 2 (Instrumental) C’est pas ma faute – Tybalt Le Poète – Le Poète & Juliette Le Balcon – Roméo & Juliette Par amour – Frère Laurent, Roméo & Juliette Les Beaux, les Laids – La Nurse, Benvolio & Mercutio Et voilà qu’elle aime – La Nurse Aimer – Roméo & Juliette Act II On dit dans la rue – Roméo, Mercutio & Benvolio C’est le jour – Tybalt Le Duel – Mercutio, Tybalt, & Roméo Mort de Mercutio – Mercutio & Roméo La Vengeance – Comte Capulet, Lady Montaigu, Le Prince de Vérone & Roméo Le Pouvoir – Le Prince de Vérone Duo du désespoir – La Nurse & Frère Laurent Le Chant de l’alouette – Roméo & Juliette