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fumbling to fashion a noose. Gradually, other characters emerge from the woods as the Witch pleads with each of them to tie a running bowline knot in the rope. In the ESIPA version, Raggedy Andy succeeds and flops the noose over her neck, just as the Witch instructs. Raggedy Ann tells the Witch that it’s a terrible idea to kill herself, and suddenly Baby Doll wanders through the trees. The toddler lays her head in the Witch’s lap as the woman reflects on the life that she gave up (“What Did I Lose” / “Somewhere”). The Witch reveals that she had a daughter named Marcella and comes to realize that the young lady standing before her is her child. They have a tearful reunion, which is interrupted by the arrival of Wolf. As Marcella and the dolls scatter, the Wolf is smitten by the Witch and pursues her. The toys suddenly find themselves at The Doll Hospital, surrounded by rows of beds filled with inert figurines. In the Broadway version, a group of nurses bids them “Welcome,” in the ESIPA version, the trio of doctors sing a brief reprise of “Diagnosis.” When the toys are told that the Doll Doctor is dead, Panda suggests looking into the ring, where Raggedy Ann sees the head doc still alive and chained in the dungeon. Before they can react, General D. emerges from the cellar holding the dead wolf. Alluding to the fact that he ate the Witch, the General quips that the Wolf died of “indigestion” in the ESIPA version, and from “independent thinking” in the Broadway version. The General declares that this is his field hospital for the terminally wounded, and proceeds to croon “I Come Riding” (Broadway). He demands the ring back, so Raggedy Ann tells him to come and get it. He becomes curious about the heart on her chest, but upon touching it, he collapses in spastic convulsions, crying that he’s been poisoned by love. Raggedy Ann tugs the yarn heartstrings from her chest, they tie up the General, swipe his keys, and head downstairs. He vows that he’ll get loose. In the dungeon, the Doll Doctor is shrouded in a surgical mask and gown, tended to by a nurse who remarks that he’s been drinking himself to death. The toys remove his shackles, and he examines Marcella, declaring the “chick” has a broken heart. Upon hearing her father’s pet name, Marcella realizes the Doll Doctor is actually Poppa, who removes his mask and joyfully embraces her. Poppa says that a heart transplant is the only thing that can save her, but those haven’t been invented yet, so he suggests a candy heart. Just as the General bursts in to collect Marcella, Raggedy Ann realizes that she has a candy heart, which she coerces the girl to eat (“The Light (reprise)”) before sacrificing herself and leaving with the General. Back in her bedroom, a now-healthy Marcella tells Poppa of her adventure, and he offers to sew a new heart on Raggedy Ann’s chest. The dolls and ensemble return for a closing reprise of “Gingham and Yarn.” CAST (in order of appearance): • Doctors: • Poppa • Marcella • Raggedy Ann • Raggedy Andy • Baby Doll • Panda • General D • Bat • Wolf • Camel with the wrinkled knees: • Mommy Scenes and Settings The action takes place sometime earlier in this century on the New York riverfront.