Aladdin & His Wonderful Lamp Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves Alice In Wonderland Amoroso, King of Little Britain Arabian Nights Entertainment Arlequin poli par l'amour Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Babes In the Wood Bang Up! Beauty and the Beast Black-Ey'd Susan Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green Bluebeard Bluebell In Fairyland Careless Lovers, The Cenerentola Children of the Wood Christmas Carol, A Cinderella Cock Robin Conrad and Medora Contes du temps Cwardy, Cowardy Custard Davy Jones Deep, Deep Sea Dick Whittington Dido and Aeneas Discreet Princess, The Doctor, The Dr Hocus-Pocus Emperor of the Moon, The Fair One With the Golden Locks Fashion Fools Frog Prince, The Furibond The Garden of Allah Giovanni in London The Golden Goose Goldilocks & the Three Bears Goody Two-Shoes The Grand Old Duke of York Grim Goblin Grimalkin the Great Gulliver's Travels Hag of the Forest Hansel & Gretel Harlequin & the Hi-Diddle-Diddle Hickory Dickory Dock High, Low, Jack & the Game Hokee-Pokee, the Fiend of the Fungus Forest Hop o' My Thumb The House That Jack Built Household Tales Humpty Dumpty Hurly Burly I Gotta Shoe Jack and Jill Jack and the Beanstalk Jack and the Giant Jack in the Box Jack the Lad Jane Shore The Jealous Doctor Kelaun and Guzzerat King Humming Top & the Land of Toys King John King Klondyke Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Little Bo-Peep Little Goody Two-Shoes Little Jack Horner The Little Mermaid Little Miss Muffet Little Red Riding Hood Little Silver Hair The Little White Bird The London Cuckolds London Merchant London The Loves of Mars and Venus Luke the Labourer The Magic Dragon The Magician The Man In the Moon Marquis de Carabas The Mermaid Merry Sherwood The Miller Monkey Island Mother Bunch & the Yellow Dwarf Mother Goose Mother Shipton The Mouth of the Nile Mr Cinders Mr Whittington Necromancer Nelson's Glory The New Planet Old King Cole Old Mother Hubbard The Old Woman of Threadneedle Street Old Woman Tossed in a Blanket Olympic Devils Olympic Revels Open Sesame Peeping Tom of Coventry Perseus and Andromeda Peter Pan Peter Wilkins Peter Wilkins The Pied Piper of Hamelin Pinocchio Poppy Princess Charming Puss In Boots The Queen Bee Queen Dodo Queen Ladybird Queen Mab The Queen of Hearts Queen Passionella and the Sleeping Beauty Red Hot Cinders Red Refus Riquet with the Tuft Robin Hood Robinson Crusoe Rodolph the Wolf Romeo and Juliet The Royal Chalice Rumpelstiltskin Santa Claus Scaramouche, a Philosopher The School for Scandal Shakespeare versus Harlequin The Shipwreck Siege of Quebec Sinbad the Sailor Sinderella Sing a Song of Sixpence The Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty and the Beast The Sleeping Beauty Beautiful Sleeping Beauty Re-Awakened The Slipper and the Rose The Snow Queen Snow White and Rose Red Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Sptz-Spitz, the Spider Crab The Swans The Talisman of Orosmanes The Talking Bird The Tavern Bilkers Thirty Thousand Thousand and One Nights Three Little Pigs Through the Looking-Glass The Tinder Box Toad of Toad Hall Tom Jones Tom the Piper's Son Tom Thumb The Touchstone Treasure Island Tumble-Down Dick Tuxedo Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star The Ugly Duckling Uncle Tom's Cabin Valentine and Orson The Valley of the Diamonds The Vampire Walooka and Noomahee The White Cat The Wind in the Willows The Witch of the Lakes The Wonders of Derbyshire The Yellow Dwarf


or: Harlequin in the Peak.
or: Harlequin in the Hebrides.
or: The Ape of the Island.
or: The Bride of the Isles.
or: Harlequin Sinbad.
or: Harlequin Jack Frost.
or: Phaeton in the Suds.
or: Harlequin Traveller.
or: Harlequin's Lottery .
or: Harlequin Perizade.
or: Harlequin Made Happy.
or: The Beauty of Bath.
or: Harlequin Emperor.
or: Persus and Andromeda.
Harlequin a Schoolboy, Bravo, Merchant and Magician.
or: Merlin's Cave.
or: Harlequin Queen Mab and the World of Dreams.
or: Colombine Red Riding Hood.
or: Harlequin Fact, Fiction and Fancy.
or: Harlequin and the Fairy Hive.
or: Harlequin and the the Flying Women of Loadstone Lake.
or: Harlequin in the Flying World.
or: the Harlequin and Time.
or: A Night With the Forty Thieves.
or: Harlequin Doctor Faustus
There are over 60 pantomimes where Harlequin is a part of the title of the show. A complete listing will linked later.